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In today's increasingly competitive environment, you need to stand apart from your competition. Prove you know more—advance to the next level by getting your CDT or advanced certification within your field of expertise. Whether you specialize in specifications, contract administration, or product representation, there's an advanced CSI certification program tailored to you! Only CSI's CDT and advanced certifications benefit all disciplines in the commercial and industrial building design and construction industry. That's because CSI is the only organization to represent all the members of the construction team. Certification is achieved by passing a certification exam. These exams are designed and administered by CSI periodically. Classes are conducted by the Indianapolis Chapter in the Spring and Fall of each year. For information about this years Certification Study Classes, see below.



Registration for the spring exams is now open. The registration deadlines and costs are as follows (please verify on csiresources.org):

Early Registration January 9-24

CSI Member cost - CDT $295

Non-member cost – CDT $545

CSI Member cost for CCS, CCCA, CCPR - $350

Non-member cost for CCS, CCCA, CCPR - $600

Standard Registration January 25 to February 27

CSI Member cost for CDT $375

Non-member cost for CDT $625

CSI Member cost for CCS, CCCA, CCPR $430

Non-member cost for CCS, CCCA, CCPR $680

Final Registration February 28 to March 14

CSI Member cost for CDT $545

Non-member cost for CDT $795

CSI Member cost for CCS, CCCA, CCPR $685

Non-member cost for CCS, CCCA, CCPR $935

Exams will be offered March 27 through June 2. It is the candidate’s responsibility to arrange their exam date and time with Prometrics Testing Center near their location. Please refer to the Institute’s website (csiresources.org/certification) for specifics and verification of deadlines and costs listed above. If you deferred your fall exam to the spring, you must still register again for spring.

The Indianapolis Chapter CSI will offer study classes for those exams that are requested. The classes for CDT and CCS will be for five consecutive Saturdays starting February 25, 2017. The classes for CCCA and CCPR will be arranged through the teachers once we have received a request for them. The classes for CDT, CCS, CCCA, and CCPR will ONLY be offered if we receive requests for them by February 15, 2017. Provided there are candidates that request the classes for CDT or CCS AND they are willing to attend the classes at the class location (Schmidt Assocs., Indianapolis) webcasting of those classes may also be available to candidates outside of Indianapolis. At this time, no webcasting of CCCA or CCPR classes will be available. There is a one-time fee of $30 for the total of classes per each exam (CDT, CCS, CCCA, and CCPR) including the webcasting for CDT and CCS. If you are a member of a Great Lakes Region chapter other than Indianapolis, notify your chapter Certification Chair or those listed below in the Indianapolis Chapter to find if the webcasting will be offered.

Each monthly chapter meeting will have more information. This website will be updated as more specific information becomes available.


Please consult the Institute website for details, but basically, those taking the CDT will need a copy of The CSI Project Delivery Practice Guide, access to MasterFormat 04 through 12, Section Format and Page Format, and access to an AIA A201 General Conditions for the Contract for Construction – 2007. For those taking the Certification Exams, you will need the appropriate Practice Guide specific to your exam in addition to those listed for CDT and other required resources indicated on the Institute website.


Go to csiresources.org/certification for exam costs, required references, etc. Please contact one of the individuals listed below if you have registered for an exam and intend to attend the Indianapolis Chapter CSI Study Classes. We need to know who and how many will be attending the classes. If you have additional questions, please contact Chuck Thompson, cthompson@schmidt-arch.com or Jack Morgan, MORWALSOP1@gmail.com.

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