CSI Indy Seminar and Hands on Demonstration: Fire Sprinkler Training

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Dates: 11/17/2011, 03:00 PM - 05:00 PM EST
Location: Ryan Fire Protection Sprinkler Training Lab
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Type: Education Program

Fire Sprinkler Training

Please note: All of the training will take place in the Sprinkler Training Lab.

Wet Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems

Attendees will learn about the various components used on the wet pipe fire sprinkler system. The presentation will focus on the regulations, where components are located their purpose and how they operate. This portion of the presentation will be completed in the sprinkler lab

Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler System Component Overview

Attendees will learn about the various components that make up a Pre-Action fire sprinkler system. This presentation will focus on how the components operate, their purpose and where they are located.

Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems

Attendees will learn about the operation of dry pipe sprinkler systems. Attendees will learn about the air to water pressure ratio where dry systems are commonly used.

Fire Pumps and Appurtenances

Attendees will learn the fundamentals of fire pump operation. Types of fire pumps and their associated appurtenances will be reviewed. Attendees will learn about suction and discharge pressures, how pumps operate, the need to maintain pumps the purpose of by pass piping, pressure maintenance pumps, fire pump controllers, backflow protection and low suction throttling devices.

Sprinkler Spray Patterns

Attendees will see visually the various sprinkler spray patterns, and understand the different characteristics based on the orifice size, varying pressures, and the sprinklers orientation.

Live Burn Demonstration showing a Sprinklers Effectiveness

Attendees will witness a fire sprinklers effectiveness in controlling fires while they are Small during a live burn demonstration using a fire sprinkler demonstration trailer.

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