CSI Indy Education Seminar: Changes to Accessibilty Design Provisions

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Dates: 4/19/2012, 01:00 PM - 04:00 PM EST
Location: Indianapolis, IN (Riverwalk Banquet Center)
Type: Education Program

The Indianapolis Chapter of CSI is holding an education seminar at Riverwalk Banquet Center on Thursday, April 19, from 1-4pm.

This seminar will provide a contrast between the previously adopted accessibility codes, standards, provisions, and the newly enforced (and soon to be adopted) versions. The primary standards include the ADA (1994 versus 2010), the ICC A117.1 Accessible, and Usable Buildings and Facilitites (2003 versus 2009), and the IBC (2006 versus 2012). This seminar will also better clarify when and how each of these codes (and various sub-parts) are to be applied as predicated on the Use Group, applicable approval authority, and project funding sources. This presentation will examine the currently applicable accessibility design codes of Indiana in order to provide the most common-sense approach on how to apply them, what common pitfalls you may face, and when it may be applicable to make a judgment call where the codes appear unclear. Common project type examples will be samples to demonstarate proper applicability techniques. An emphasis onmulti-family housing project and commercial tenant impreovements will be featured. The purpose of this seminar is to enhance protection against potential legal risks often associated with acccessibility litigation. This can best be done by knowing which codes are applicable, how they are to be applied, and what options ae available to you as a design professional, contractor, or owner/developer.

Attendees will receive 3 AIA HSW LU's. Registration fee is $40 for CSI members / $50 for non-members and guests.

About the Presenter:

Michael R. Gentille, CBO, Managing Director of Philip Chun North America, Inc.

Michael is an ICC Certified international accesibility design and compliance assurance consultant with over 20 years experience in the research, development, and application of Federal, State, and local accessibility codes, standards, and provisions. His promary role as an accessibility consultant on several large high-profile projects lead to his appointment to the ICC National Sub-Committee on Residential Provisions in the Development of the 2009 ICC A117.1 Standards.

He authored the first directive to develop a standard for the application of accessibility provisions in hybrid hotel/condo uses, which is now a standard part of the IBC accessibility design provisions for Group R-1 permanent uses. He recently completed his term as Secretary to the General Committee of the Southern Nevada Building Officials to develop the Southern Nevada Amendments to the 2009 IBC. He is currently working with a consortium to develop international accesible standards for the Middle East, and recently completed an Australian lecture tour for the AIBS; to introduce and contrast Australian provisions to the ADA and other U.S. accessiblity standards.

His primary focus is to serve the architetural design community by developing a broader understanding of the premise behind accessibility provisions, while maintaining strict compliance with applicable requirements. It is his belief that a great accessibility consultant is one that supports the design team to help them achieve their vision, rather than limiting their options.

Mike was appointed the Managing Director of Philip Chun North America in 2009, and opened the Indianapolis office in 2010.

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