CSI Indy Trade Show Seminar

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Dates: 10/20/2011, 12:00 AM - 03:00 PM EST
Location: Indianapolis, IN (Riverwalk Lodge)
Registration: http://conta.cc/n6Izsn
Type: Education Program

2011 Trade Show Seminar - Responsible Brownfield Redevelopment - Demolition, Deconstruction or Building Reuse

Common practice in preparing a site for redevelopment usually entails demolition of any on-site buildings or structures to clear the way for reuse of the land.  If plans don’t include restoration or rehabilitation of on-site structures, then deconstruction should be considered as the next step to address on-site structures before demolition.  Building hierarchy – restore, preserve, adapt, deconstruct, demolish, demolish by neglect. Deconstruction can be an economically viable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional demolition.  The benefits of deconstruction include cost savings, job creation and environmental preservation.  Deconstruction may save as much as 30-50% when compared to traditional demolition costs. Labor costs for deconstruction are typically higher than for demolition.  However, landfill disposal fees are lower.  Combined cost savings exist with avoided disposal costs and recovered materials value. Because deconstruction is labor intensive, it can lead to the creation of jobs for the low-skilled workforce.  Deconstruction helps preserve natural resources by offsetting the need for virgin materials consumption since materials are reentering the market for reuse or recycling. A good deconstruction project requires good planning.  Identify knowledgeable and experienced demolition and salvage contractors. Identify markets for recycling, companies/non-profits for reusing materials or donation of materials. Site redevelopment, building renovation and building material reuse can be and should be perceived as one connected industry.

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