CSI Indy March Program: Drawing Workshop

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Dates: 3/19/2015, 05:30 AM - 08:30 AM EST
Location: Willows on Westfield, 6729 East Westfield Blvd, Indianapolis, IN
Register Here: http://t.co/u6rJsoWNdJ
Type: Meeting

Bio: Bruce Bondy

Bruce Bondy is the principal of Bondy Studio, Northbrook, IL, an Architectural Illustration practice with clients throughout the US producing compelling architectural images since 1995. Bruce studied architecture and design at Harrington Institute of Design and obtained a classical art education at the Chicago based School of Representational Art, where he devoted four years of study to formal figure, still life, and landscape painting and drawing in the academic tradition. Despite the profound changes brought about by digital technology Bondy Studio has remained committed to its focus on hand drawing. Today, Bondy frequently draws from the client’s office rather than his studio because of the deeper focus and collaborative advantages it brings. He also teaches drawing and visualization skills workshops to architects and design professionals to enhance their ability to develop and communicate their design ideas.

Abstract: Drawing Workshop

This workshop is intended to teach basic drawing principles and give architects and designers a framework for developing their own skills. Participants will work through a series of hands-on exercises designed to inspire drawing as an integral part of the design process.

The workshop will improve confidence in skills with hand media in daily practice of architecture or design. Participants will receive information and direct personal coaching as they go through various exercises to develop their skills. The ratio is approximately 20% teaching (me disseminating information) to 80% coaching (feedback from me while the students are practicing the exercises).

Premise: Architects and design professionals should be relaxed and confident using hand media to develop and express their ideas to clients and colleagues. They should be able to draw on a whiteboard, paper, a tablet, a napkin or whatever else is available with a pen, pencil, marker or stylus.

It is NOT necessary to be able to produce a professional level rendering, just a clear expression of ideas. The skill of drawing is essential to visual fluency and the practice of architecture.

Learning objectives:

1.Participants will learn techniques to improve making lines by higher awareness of body mechanics and drawing media choices. Basic geometry insights and tips. Exercises to: improve ability to control line expression, weight, accuracy; help with measurement and proportion.

2.Attendees will explore how light, shade, and shadow make form. How light renders the basic shapes. Discussion of tone and texture. Various principles of depicting form: values, transition, hard and soft edges, law of simultaneous contrast, reflection, transparency, nature of materials.

3.Students will engage in exercises to help them visualize form and begin to draw from their mind’s eye. This will challenge them to integrate the skills they’ve learned throughout the workshop.

4.Additional Post-Workshop exercises will be discussed including an overview of electronic media and 50 “productive doodling” exercises, suggestions for field sketching, keeping a sketchbook, “Master” copies, and various other challenges to keep your drawing skills sharp.

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